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Vampire Soap

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My first scary soap opera, Dark Shadows, aired in 1966 to 1971.  I remember covering my eyes each time a vampiry scene popped up on the television screen.  I will never forget Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid), the vampire who lurked around.  Maggie Evans (Kathryn Leigh Scott), Angelique Collins (Lara Parker), Quentin Collins, (David Selby), and Julia Hoffman (Grayson Hall)) were just a few of my favorite actors in Dark Shadows.  Werewolves, witches, monsters, and warlocks were some of the spooky characters that kept the suspense going during the continued drama.  Many a teenager including myself would run home after school  to watch the show.


Cartoon vampire, Vampire Attack

Barnabas Released from His Coffin

The errie, creepy music of the sound of heart beating during the episode where Barnabas is released from his casket by Willie Loomis.  The casket was located at the Collins Family Mausoleum in the Eagle Hill Cemetery.  Willie believed the Collin’s heirloom jewels were hidden there.  Notice the heart beat slows down when the chains are unlocked from the casket.  The heart beat stops as the casket is being pried open.  Complete silence.  Creaking noise.  Lifting of the casket and the whites of Willie’s eyes.

To Willie’s surprise….there was the vampire, Barnabas.  No scream.  Willie could not utter a sound.  Barnabas ashen-white, long-finger nailed hand reached up and grabbed him by his throat from inside the casket.

Next, a dark-cloaked man is knocking at Collin’s mansion door.  No face is shown.  The man introduces himself as a cousin from England.  He turns around.  Music clatters.  It’s Barnabas!!!  Watch the video below for one of the famous scenes in Dark Shadows.

Credit: MrDOUCAB

Johnny Depp is no match for the original Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid).  The raising of the dead, Barnabas, started a must-see soap opera drama.

So start off this year’s Halloween season with a marathon of watching the original, Dark Shadows.  Makes for a happy Halloween haunting.

Cartoon vampire, Halloween Vampire Greeting Card
Cartoon vampire, Halloween Vampire Greeting Card—tengrrl (
Sharing Is Caring!