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Stanford Prison Haunting

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New movie coming to theaters July 17th is the Stanford Prison Experiment. Movie is rated R. It is not for young adults. If you are into chilling psychological movies that make your think, this movie may leave you thinking about what really happens in today’s world. This movie is an intense haunting experiment based on a true story.

True Haunting Story

The actual experiment occurred in 1971 by Dr. Philip Zimbardo. Twenty-four students who volunteered agreed to participate in a mock prison in the basement of Jordan Hall at Stanford (psychology building) between one week to two weeks. Students were allowed to decide if they wanted to be a guard or a prisoner.

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The guard students became very authoritarian. These guards enforced strict measures and subjected the prisoner students to such mental torture and abuse, even though the students volunteered. Mental and physical abuse inflicted by the guards was not stopped by the superintendent, Dr. Zimbardo, himself.  He wanted to see how far the students would participate.

These students did not have a criminal background or any medical problems prior to the experiment.  They were paid $15/day.  The guard students were specifically instructed not to physically torture or abuse the prisoner students.

Prisoner students were passive and accepted the psychological abuse. The guard students requested the prisoners to accept the torture and other prisoners harassed each other to cooperate.  The experiment was so real that two student prisoners quit early.  After six days, the entire experiment was stopped suddenly.

The U.S. Office of Naval Research (both U.S. Navy and Marine Corps were interested) funded the project.  The project was to determine causes for military guard and prisoner conflicts.  You can see some of the actual documentary films here.

Official Trailer

Watch the psychological torture that endured below.

Credit: IFC Films

In the News

Slate Magazine article written by Laura Bradley reported the experiment was a historical famous psychological project and Dr. Zimbardo assisted with the filming of the movie.

Ready to be chilled?……..Makes for a Happy Halloween Haunting!

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