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Spooky Empire 2015

Huge Halloween fans, how about spending a spooky weekend in Orlando at The DoubleTree on Major Blvd. I’m talking about the Spooky Empire weekend this year between October 30 and November 1, 2015. This event has been held every year for the last 13 years. The convention started in 2003 in Fort Lauderdale, then moved to Orlando. Great for frightening fans of every age.

Orlando spooky empire, Spooky Empire


How about mingling with your favorite horror movie stars (celebrity-fee autographs/photos), buying horror collectibles, and watching new horror films (and old favorite ones too). Want to get a tattoo or participate in a Zombie Walk? All kinds of Halloween artists and vendors (over 200). Bring your camera (as many pictures as you can). Costume contests. Bring and wear your favorite Halloween outfit. Kids under 10 admitted for free. Kid contests. Only a couple of late adult-only night events. Film screenings. Poker tournament. Can you imagine being among thousands of fans who love Halloween! What a scream! A huge Halloween party all through the night!!


In 2011, Spooky Empire created a “May-Hem” event for Memorial Day weekend. The Halloween weekend creators felt like October just wasn’t enough fun for die-hard Halloween fans. So if you want to get started early for Halloween enjoyment or if you can’t attend the larger event in October, “May-Hem” is an annual alternative to meet other fans and get the party started.

Lana Parrilla on 2015 Spooky Empire panel 

Remember Lana Parrila, Regina,  as the Evil Queen on the hit series “Once Upon a Time”?  Will Regina go back dark?  The Queen of Darkness represented herself on the Spooky Empire panel for 2015.  Listen to part of her interview below.



For more information about Spooky Empire weekend, click here.