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Spooky Cake Pops

Credit:  kawaiisweetworld by Rachel

Spooky Cake Pops

This is a simple cake pop to make for any Halloween party or school event.  They are very cut and adorable also.  She also mentions she collaborated with Simply Bakings, The Divine Hostess, Lovely Lady Cakes, and I Heart Recipes for this video.

This recipe makes 12 cake pops.

List of Ingredients

  • Betty Crocker Yellow Cake Mix or Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Yellow Cake Mix (Bake according to directions)
  • Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting or Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting (1/4 cup at least)
  • Chopper
  • Spatula
  • Large Bowl
  • Medium ice cream scooper
  • Wax paper
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Black and white ribbon/cord to tie on cake pop sticks  (Chose which colors you like)
  • Cake pop sticks (at least 12 for the video)
  • White candy melt (to dip the ghost cap pops)
  • Orange candy melt (to dip the pumpkin cap pops)
  • Green candy melt (to dip the Frankenstein’s creature cape pops)
  • Black candy melt (to dip the top of Frankenstein’s creature head)
  • Large glass container (to melt the candy melt into for dipping)
  • Large spoon
  • Candy Melts EZ Thin (Dipping aid) or canola oil
  • Cake Pop Stand for drying
  • Chocolate-covered sun-flower seeds (Note:  You are only going to need the green colored ones for the pumpkin stems)
  • Zip bags (to place excess candy melt)
  • Wilton Sprinkles Jumbo bones (Rachel purchased them at Michaels) or you could find some white sprinkles or leave them off
  • Toothpicks (optional for finishing touches – could use a stick)
  • Black edible ink marker (optional)

Cake Pop Directions

Step 1 – Bake your cake mix according to directions in a 13 x 9 pan.  Let cool completely.

Step 2 – Cut cake in half.  Take one half and place in chopper sections at a time.  Chop into fine cake crumbs because the finer they are the smoother your cake pop will be.  Place into large bowl.

Step 3 – Add 1/4 cup of instant frosting into the finely chopped cake pieces.  Mix frosting well into cake pieces.  Finish blending together by hand if you like which will give you a nice smooth cake pop dough.  Pitch off enough dough to round in a ball to test for texture and to make sure the dough sticks together and remains in shape.

Step 4 – Place wax paper in bottom of cookie sheet.  Take your ice cream scooper and scoop out heaping tablespoons of cake dough.  Roll the dough into round balls.  Place on baking sheet.

Step 5 – Shake dough balls into Halloween characters.

  • Ghost characters– Take the dough ball and roll into a log.  Press one side of the log onto the baking sheet.  Use your thumb and bottom of your hand to create a nice flat bottom.  To make the wavy edge, press your thumb into the bottom of the cake pop.
  • Pumpkin characters – Easiest.  Roll the round dough ball into an oval shape.
  • Frankenstein’s creatures – Make the dough into a marshmallow shape.  Rolling the sides and flatting the top and bottom.  Keep your edges as crisp as possible.

She makes 4 ghosts, 4 pumpkins, and 4 frankensteins.

Step 6 – Place cookie sheet in refrigerator to firm up the cake pops for 15 minutes.

Step 7 – Immediately after taking cake pops out of refrigerator, you are going to insert the cake pop sticks.  Take some white candy melt (melt according to directions) and dip the end of the pop stick.  The candy melt helps hold the cake stick in place.  If you have excess candy melt on the outside, you can wipe it off for a neater look (optional).

Step 8 – Prep the white candy melt coating with a thinning agent such as Wilton’s EZ Thin or canola oil (it doesn’t take much) before you start dipping the candy coating.  Start out with a little and add small amounts till desired consistency.  Read the directions before you start.

Step 9 – Dip and coat the pop cakes.

  • Ghosts – Dip and cover thoroughly with the white candy melt.  Tap your wrist to shake off the excess candy melt. Place onto cake pop stand to dry.
  • Pumpkins –  Separate your chocolate-covered sunflower seeds….pick out the green ones and place in a small bowl.  Enjoy the others.  Dip and cover thoroughly with orange candy melt the same way as you did the ghosts.  Swirling it around a tiny bit and tapping off the excess.  Place on cake pop stand and immediately place a green-colored sunflower seed on top to dry.
  • Frankenstein’s Creatures – Dip and cover thoroughly with the green candy melt.  Once again tapping off the excess.  Before the candy melt sets up add your white bone sprinkles on each side to look like ears or spark plugs.  Take some black candy melt (melt according to directions) and dip the top of the cake pop to look like hair.  Tap off the excess.  Place on candy stand to dry.
  • Note:  Save the black candy melt for finishing touches on cake pops.
Finishing Touches  (You could use toothpicks for this)
  • Frankenstein’s Creatures – Take some black candy melt on the end of a stick and make eyes.  Add on a mouth with stitches.  You will need a steady hand if you want them perfect.  Let the kids paint them!  Don’t have to be perfect.  Still gonna taste good.  Place back in cake stand to dry.
  • Ghosts – Mark out where the eyes and mouth are gonna be with the black candy melt and fill in them in.  Place back on cake stand to dry.
  • Pumpkins – Mark out where the eyes are supposed to be and fill them in with black candy melt.  Make a nose with a little bit of candy melt and you can drag it into a triangle with a toothpick.  Make a mouth with a little smile.  You can draw any kind of jack-o-lantern face you like.  Draw some lines with black edible ink marker (optional – see video).  Place back on cake stand to dry.
  • Final Touch – Tie black and white string or ribbon on the sticks for an added decoration.
Don’t throw away your candy melt!

Place a strip of wax paper on a solid surface.  Dip your excess candy melt onto the wax paper.  Spread it out.  Allow it to dry.  After dry, peel off the wax paper.  Break it into pieces.  Place in a zipped bag for use next time.

Simple ideas to make a cake pop stand for drying:

  1. Empty egg carton and flip over.  Piece holes into the center of each egg cup with a ice pick or metal skewer, making them large enough to hold the stick.
  2. Styrofoam – a large thick piece that sits flat and able to hold the cake pop weight.  Large square shape works.  Use a skewer or stick to make the holes measuring with a tape to create slots with even width.
  3. Plastic Colander – Turn upside down.  Be careful with the cake pops.  Gently place the cake pops in the holes to dry.

P.S.  You could just make a pumpkin patch or a bunch of ghosts!!

Halloween cake pops, Pumpkin Cake Bite Pops
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Another Happy Halloween Haunting treat!

Special Thanks To Rachel – Kawaii Sweet World for Recipe Video Posting & Image Screenshots.