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Six DIY Funny Couples Costumes

Six DIY Funny Couples Costumes

It’s already time to plan your Halloween costumes, buy candy, eat candy….Halloween is just around the corner.  You wait till the last minute.

Most couples who enjoy having a lot of fun… to play Halloween as team.  So dress up as some famous Hollywood movie, toy, or game characters.

Don’t know if these couples are married, siblings, dating……..whatever, but this will give you some costume ideas.

1. Flight Club Cosplay Costume

Remember Marla Singer & Tyler Durden in Fight Club.  Simple easy costume below.  Cigarettes not included.  Costume for Fight Play Cosmo.

diy couples halloween costumes

Photo Credit:  Marla Singer and Tyler Durden (Fight Club) by Fuschia Nova and AndyValentine. Photographed by Carlos Adama.

2. Mario Siblings

Very easy – need overalls, white gloves, & colored hats.  Mustaches too.


Photo Credit: V Threepio/Gamma Squad Flickr Group

3. Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble

All you need is wigs, dresses, purse, white-beaded necklace, & a few accessories.


Photo Credit: Anthony Chodor

4. Gomez and Morticia (Addams Family)

Love the Addams Family.  Simple costumes.  Notice easy makeup.  Need a wig with long black hair.  Cigar as an accessory for Gomez.


Photo Credit: RYC – Behind The Lens/Gamma Squad Flickr Group

5. Shaggy & Velma in “Scooby Doo”

Got t-shirts, brown/black pants, red skirt, black glasses, red knee-high socks, teenie shoes, black buckle shoes, & magnifying glass……


Photo Credit: Sky Ash Cosplay/V Threepio/Gamma Squad Flickr Group

6. Ken & Barbie in “Toy Story 3”

Blue leotard with red belt, rolled-up shorts with matching scarf, brown hair or blond will work.


Photo Credit: RossECosplay & Sootydragon Cosplay/Trueogre

Special Thanks To Uproxx For Posting & Imageine Screenshots.

See other DIY Funny Couples Costumes below:

Couples costumes, Happy Not Happy Ghouls
Photo Credit: Couples costumes, Happy Not Happy Ghouls—micadew (
Couples costumes, 2 Girls 1 Up
Photo Credit: Couples costumes, 2 Girls 1 Up—GabboT (
Couples costumes, Scarlet Witch and the Vision
Photo Credit: Couples costumes, Scarlet Witch and the Vision—5of7 (

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