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Simple Olaf Costume

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Olaf, happy halloween haunting
Olaf—HarshLight (

Let It Snow!  Let It Snow!!  I mean….”Let It Go, Let It Go…..”  Remember the funny snowman in the movie, “Frozen”, he was so cute and adorable.  He stole the movie.  Anna and Elsa, sisters, rolled a snowman.  The snowman was Olaf.  Olaf loves to be hugged and represents innocent love.

Simple Costume for Olaf

Watch the the video below for a do-it-yourself Olaf outfit for Halloween trick-or-treating or a party.

Credit: MyLifeAsEva

Costume Items Needed

  • White turtleneck (make sure it is not too hot)
  • White shoes/tennis shoes
  • Orange scrapebook paper
  • Black felt (to make the circles on your shirt)
  • White beanie or knitted cap
  • White tights
  • White shorts
  • Brown pipe cleaners (suggested 2 and cut in half; however, I would make them longer and use 4 long ones so they would stick out of my hat further)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue (E6000 glue was used in the video)
  • Stretch Magic sticky string (used for bead and jewelry stretchy bracelets, anklets, and necklaces)
  • Scotch double-sided tape

Instructions and direction start around 1:49 on the video.  According to Meg, this costume should cost your around $15 and if you already own a pair of white shorts and shoes, then the costume will cost you less than $12.  I’m not sure that includes the fabric glue and stretch magic sticky string.

Olaf Costume Instructions

Step 1 Olaf’s Buttons – Take your black felt, fold it in half and cut a half-circle or half-moon shape.  When you open them they will be a full circle for buttons.  Make them large enough to fit on your shirt.  Not too big.  You may want to draw a circle on a piece of paper and line 3 of them on your shirt to gauge how large to cut your circles.  They don’t have to be perfect.  Remember Olaf is a snowman.

Step 2 – Take your fabric glue and place the glue in a circle on the back of your black felt circles close to the edge.  Make sure you place enough glue to stick.  Before you stick your circles on your shirt, find the center on front of your shirt.  Making sure your shirt is laying flat on a firm surface.

Note:  If you want to use the white turtleneck shirt without the black circles for later, it may be possible to remove.  I’m not going to guarantee that it doesn’t stain the shirt.  These are just some possible recommendations……test in an inconspicuous place first.

  1. Goo-Gone
  2. Freeze the fabric (soak in water first then freeze) and scrape the adhesive off with a knife
  3. Some nail polish remover
  4. Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer

Step 3Olaf’s Sticks for Hair – Take your brown pipe cleaners and cut them in hat.  Place the pipe cleaners thru the top of your beanie/cap with both ends coming out on top.  Center the pipe cleaners on top of your beanie/cap.  Bend your pipe cleaners so they look like twigs.

Step 4 Olaf’s Nose – Take your orange scrapebook paper and roll it up till it looks like a cone.  Take your double-sided tape and secure it.  Hole punch 2 openings opposite the end of the nose.  Measure your sticky string around your head leaving enough length to tie on both ends of the nose.  Tie end your sticky string.

Alternative:  Use orange lipstick and color the tip of your nose.  You could use white face paint and color your face…then take dark black eye brown pencil and darken your eyebrows really big so they stand out.

If you really wanted to ham it up, you could get your some big, white buck teeth!

Either way, you will be a cute lovable Olaf!

Olaf costume pictures below ……… makes for a Happy Halloween Haunting!!!

Olaf costume, anna cosplay olaf
Olaf costume, anna cosplay olaf—RyC Behind The Lens (
Olaf costume, After the NYC snow storm
Olaf costume, After the NYC snow storm—frankieleon (
Olaf costume, Olaf Frozen Costume
Olaf costume, Olaf Frozen Costume—nan palmero (



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