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Shell Cyborg Ghost

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If you are into high-tech, cyborg ghosts, the animated movie, Ghost In The Shell has several series.  It is a science fiction film teaching you to never trust computers again. The original film created got high film reviews. The series begins with with a pleasure-created robot who start a revolt.


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The film graphics outlay the high technology world in Japan. Graphics get better and better with each film.  The year is in the future. Crime is rampid inside the network with hackers.  A Section 9 team is created to investigate the information.  Cyborgs with super-hero strength hack all Earth networks.  A cyborg is a cybernetic organism with organic and biomechatronic engineering.

The original film begins with the investigation of the Puppet Master hacker.  Sequel 2: Innocence investigates a robot created for pleasure who murdered her owner.  The sago continues in the third film, Stand Alone Complex, about the female cyborg investigation team.  Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society, discovers the Puppet Master is behind all the incidents.

Ghost in the Shell Arise Alternative Architect, a series, became a Japan television broadcast in 2013.

The following is a partial list of titles (some titles available in Japan):

1995 – Ghost in the Shell

1997 – Ghost in the Shell (video game)

2004 – Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (video game)

2004 – Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (I)

2011 – Ghost in the Shell (TV Episode), Anime Abandon (TV Series)

2011 – Screaming Soul: Ghost in a Shell (video)

2013 – Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 1 – Ghost Pain

2013 – Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 2 – Ghost Whisper

2014 – Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 3 – Ghost Tears

2014 – Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 4 – Ghost Stands Alone

2015 – Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture (TV Episode)

2017 – Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell in the News

Walt Disney’s live-action, Ghost in the Shell, is directed by Rupert Sanders.  Sanders directed Snow White and the Huntsman.  Scarlett Johansson  is the lead star to play Harley Quinn.  The live-action film is scheduled to be in released in 2017 in the United States by Walt Disney Studios.

In Japan, a new Ghost in the Shell film will mark the 25th anniversary of the original series in June 2015.  The storyline is about the Japanese prime minister assassination.  Mysteries surrounds a cybervirus bringing back her past secrets.  Camouflage attire for the Section 9 team is an important role for the film series.  So if you want to get up to speed on the story, cyborg ghost fans may watch Ghost in the Shell: Arise: Alternative Architecture.  The television series aired in April.

Cyborg ghosts….what happy Halloween hauntings are next?

Sharing Is Caring!