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Seven Baby Costumes

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7 Halloween Baby Costume Ideas

Nothing more adorable than Halloween baby costumes except maybe your pets.  If you already have your pet costume, now may be the time to think about a cute baby costume.  Unique baby costumes are sometimes hard to find.

Most important about a baby costume is your baby has got to be happy & comfortable.  Not to hot or too cold.  Better if the costume is soft to touch & squeezable!  Don’t forget flame-retardant.  And easy access to the diaper area.

1. Sweet pastry baby chef!

Baby chef Halloween costume

Facebook / Carrie Kindt

2. Rocky Balboa….all you need is gray sweatsuit & a dark black cap with tennie shoes.

Great outfit for cooler weather.


Facebook / Elizabeth Koch

3. Flower pot girl.  Not smiling?  Hmmm… Still Cute!

If your baby is not comfortable in a bucket, dress up the stroller with artificial flowers instead.


Facebook / Kelly Craig

4. Lobster outfit without the pot will work just fine.

If you can get your baby to sit in a pot….sure would be adorable.  Gotta be comfortable!

Courtney Staton, Holly Elburn VanDyke and Nancy Aloise ThompsonFacebook: Courtney Staton, Holly Elburn VanDyke and Nancy Aloise Thompson

5. Beautiful blue/pink mermaid suit.  A bucket of plastic seashells would work great with this outfit.  

Might be difficult for a toddler…since they want to walk.  Great outfit for a little one.


Facebook / Chelsea Long

6. Minnie & Mickey are always a favorite!


Facebook / Allison Roznowski Sarah Lamanna Lonsway

7.  Look how cute Olaf is……all you need is black spots, white outfit, & a carrot….well a little more than that!


Facebook / Ashley White

7. Wizard of Oz characters…..scarecrow, lion, & Dorothy.


Facebook / Abby Magid Perry

Special Thanks To Today For Posting & Image Screenshots.

Sharing Is Caring!


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