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Scary Tree Faces

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Simple Halloween Tree Faces

These scary tree faces are easy to install & add a touch of scary Halloween to your yard.  Some of them are decorative enough to leave in your yard year around for a whimsical look.  Similar to the huge colored silver yard decorated balls.

On Halloween night, treat or treaters will stop & point to admire your tree faces.  Great show stoppers.

Check out “PMG Evil Eyes Tree Faces Spooky Light Up LED Halloween Tree Face Funny Face” (feature image) on Amazon.  He has flickering LED eyes.

Shady Lady – Cast Iron Eyes and Lips

Making your tree look like a witch is a simple idea to decorate your yard for Halloween.  Big-bright eyes & dark red lips will stand out.  Might need a spotlight at night to see.


Glowing Owl Eyes Halloween Tree Face

Nothing spookier than a pair of glowing wide eyes starring at you from the top of a tree.  You may have to use a flashlight for them to glow.  Owl face appears to be part of a tree.

Special Thanks To Wizzley For Posting & Image Screenshots. 

Sharing Is Caring!


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