This Halloween why not enjoy the festivities, costumes, candy, spook houses, corn mazes, and pranks.  It makes for a Happy Halloween.

Halloween is one of my childhood memories that I enjoyed.  I remember buying a costume from a discount retail store.  The outfit would rip if you didn’t place your legs in properly.  The mask was plastic and cheap.  You would sweat to death underneath it, so you constantly had to pull it on top of your head to breath and see.  Ha!  Back in my day, we run out the door just as evening began and hit the neighborhood with our brown paper bags.  If they got too full with candy and stuff (we actually got homemade goodies such as candied or caramel apples and caramel popcorn), they would break.  We would run from house to house, nobody drove us anywhere!  People answered the door instead of leaving a bucket at the door and finding it empty.  The neighborhoods were safe.  At that time, we didn’t need a key to get back into our house.  We just went to the back door and the back door was always unlocked.  Duh!  We tricked or treated until late that evening unless it was a school night.

As I got older, we had spend-a-night parties where we watched horror movies till late that morning.  We watched black and white movies of Frankenstein, Werewolves, Mummies, and Vampires.  Enjoyed playing pranks on one another with flashlights and stories.  Sneak outdoors while the adults were asleep.  Grouped together with other area neighborhood kids.  Just had plan good ole fun, nothing that got us in trouble with the law dog.  Sometimes we would get a little spooky, by rolling someone’s yard with toilet paper and egging.  We ate popcorn and candy.  Sometimes we apple bobbed.  How ridiculous we were trying to grab the apple with our teeth!  Spin-the-bottle with truth or dare was always a blast.  In the morning, we would treat ourselves to tomato gravy and biscuits.  Yum!  Our eyes were so heavy with no sleep.  Felt cruddy, but enjoyed the entire Halloween spend-a-night party.  Those were the days.

I love having fun with Halloween.  I promise to provide you with all kinds of creative ideas about Halloween decorations, costumes, movies, books, recipes, and other interesting things about Halloween.  Enjoy what the Halloween holiday has to offer this year.

P.S. I always looked forward to Halloween because it was the start of the holiday season.