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Poltergeist Movie Curse

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Remember the movie, Poltergeist, directed by Steven Spielberg in 1982.  I remember watching for the first time as a young adult.  My skin crawled.

Ghost Trees
Ghost Trees—John-Morgan (



I covered my eyes during the clown-choking and tree breaking open-window scene.  The sounds gave me cold chills through my body.




Below is the 1982 movie trailer featuring Heather O’Rourke.  It is said the original Poltergeist movie cast members were cursed.  Watch the trailer and remember the first time you saw Poltergeist!


What is the Poltergeist Curse About?

During the filming of the original Poltergeist movie and it’s sequels, strange events happened around the cast and crew members associated with the making of the film.  Within 6 years of the 1982 movie making, four members died.  Julian Beck, played Kane (the reverend), died from stomach cancer.  Will Sampson, played medicine man, died from kidney failure.

Heather o rourke, Heather O\'Rourke
Heather o rourke, Heather O\’Rourke—jvoves (


Let’s not forget Carol Anne’s oldest sister, Dominique Dunne, strangled by her ex-boyfriend.  Of course, cute Carol Anne (Heather O’Rourke), died at 12 years of age in 1988 from cardiac arrest due to septic shock.

Of all things, Lou Perryman (played Pugsley), was axed to death in his home by an ex-con years later.


So why does the public believe there is a curse?  Steven Spielberg actually used real skeletons from India in the scenes, because they were much cheaper.  It is believed when you move the remains, the spirit becomes upset causing strange, unexplained hauntings.   You remember the scene where the mom, Diane Freeling, fell into the unfinished pool.  It was muddy and all the caskets and skeletons floated to the top.  Well, Diane did not know at the time the skeletons were real.  She thought the skeletons were fake, teeth and all.  OMG!  If I had been in that mud with real skeletons, my screams would have curdled anyone.  I would have needed some Xanax to calm my nerves.  Diane stated she her wall pictures in her house were always crooked and had to straighten every day.

During one film night, Will Sampson, the medicine man, casted out evil spirits by performing an exorcism.

Strange or Cursed

Not all the members of the original movie, Poltergiest, believe the movie is cursed.  However, there have been strange occurrences with the producing of the remake of Poltergeist, scheduled to be released on May 22, according to director, Gil Kenan.  Gil tells the story about a film shooting where the equipment lights failed on a particular plot when the crew members turned them on.  The lights only failed on that particular piece of land.  The subdivision house was selected so the camera could get to know it intimately as a living hell on earth.  The new film has a real crazed squirrel which had to be brought into Canada from the United States.  The Canada film rules had to be changed to allow the squirrel in.

Recently, fans of Poltergeist, Dusty and Jamie Lynn, purchased the cabbage patch doll owned by Carol Anne, Heather O’Rourke.  Within days, one catastrophe after another occurred.  Step brother ruptured his spleen with broken ribs.  Father-in-law diagnosed with encephalitis under a coma.  Wife’s friend committed gunshot suicide.  Mother had hip surgery.  Uncle died from heart attack.  Jamie hospitalized for intestinal infection.  Dusty fired from new job.  Dog put to sleep.  Other dog lost a tooth.  Jamie diagnosed with heart problem and driver’s license suspended.  Account levied for debt errors.  Car broke down.  Mother’s surgery failed, ended with a hip fracture.  Divorce has come up as a topic of discussion often.  All this occurred between October 30th and April.

It was confirmed by a psychic that the cabbage patch doll had evil spirits attached.  Dusty and Jamie Lynn had their home cleansed and placed the doll into a blessed, enclosed glass cabinet.

Is the new Poltergeist movie stirring up spirits from the past.  Time will tell.  Here’s to your Happy Halloween Haunting kick-off movie.

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