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Poison Ivy Makeup DIY

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Remember Uma Thurman as the sexy Poison Ivy who crashes the charity ball in Batman and Robin (1997).  The amazing detailed, green ivy swimsuit outfit and long ball-gown gloves.  In the scene below, she wears the famous green ivy costume with her flaming red hair.  Watch below as the gorilla unclothes and Poison Ivy blows a pheromone dust into the crowd and the dynamic duo.


Credit: IvyIsley, March 19, 2013 – Posion Ivy; Botanical Party (HD)

DIY Poison Ivy Costume

How would you like to dress up as Poison Ivy this year in a green or red outfit.  All you would need is a red bright wig with some fake sprigs of foliage for your hair.  You could dazzle them by emphasizing your eyes with red or green leaves attached to your eyebrows.  Or for a simple and easy look, the video below demonstrates a Poison Ivy comic book look using makeup and face paint.


Credit: Julia Graf: Halloween Series: Poison Ivy

China glaze emerald sparkle nail polish (any green polish will work) – Be sure to paint them before you make up your face or you could purchase some stick-on nails.

Before you get started with your makeup, fix your hair to place a wig on.  Allow yourself plenty of time to apply your Poison Ivy makeup.  (Julia Graf did it in 9:09 minutes with the help of camera magic.)

List of Products

(Note: You can purchase the eye shadows and face paint colors in a palette instead of separately)

Regular foundation – tan color or a lighter color for a pale look

Natural sponge

Small, fine paint brush

White face paint

Light green face paint (water-activated) – read the instructions for removal

Dark green face paint (water-activated) – read the instructions for removal (Note: you might could practice with your face paint and apply the first coat very lightly and the second darker coat very heavy instead of buying two different green face paints)

Teal color face paint (water-activated)

Bowl if needed (for water for the face paint)

Finishing powder (translucent) for the face and brush to apply

Bright green eye shadow with a contouring brush

Green gel eyeliner with brush

Light golden green shimmer, eyeshadow (a bright yellow golden eyeshadow may work)

Light spring green eyeshadow

Deep forest green eyeshadow

Green eye pencil

Green brow eye pencil and blending brush

Black liquid liner (cake liner and craft brush used in video)

Black mascara

Highlighting powder with brush

False lashes (or crazy Halloween lashes like spider legs)

Red wig (she bought on eBay)

Green eyeliner (for lips)

Blue and yellow lip color with brush

Bright yellow eyeshadow

String of ivy leaves (purchase at a craft store)

Bobbie pins (to secure ivy wine on wig)

 Face Makeup

Step 1 – Use your light, regular foundation all over your face.  Blend down your neck, shoulders, and some on your ears.

Step 2 – Apply the green face paint (water-activated) with a natural sponge.  Dip the sponge into some water to activate the paint. Outline your face with the green paint.  You are using it as a contour on your face.

Step 3 – Let the light green face paint dry.  Apply the darker green face paint on top of the lighter green paint.  The natural sponge gives your face a textured skin look for Ivy.  You can paint a little down your neck and shoulder area. (Basically you paint all the way down where your costume stops).

Step 4 – Layer the teal color face paint on top just for the 3 colored looks.

Step 5 – Finish your face, neck, shoulders and other painted areas with finishing translucent powder to set the colors and blend them.  The translucent powder will have it stay on all night.

Eye Makeup

Step 1 – Use the bright green eye shadow with a contouring brush over the green to intensify the look.  Don’t want Ivy’s skin to look flawless.  More textured look makes Ivy’s skin spooky looking with a slightly darker green.

Step 2 – Green gel eyeliner with brush.  Smoothed around top eyelid and bottom eyelid.  Don’t have to be perfect.

Step 3 – Take the same bright green eye shadow and apply to outer and inner eye leaving the middle space bare (no color in the middle).  It will look a little messy.  Don’t worry.  You will blend it out.  Want to get a rounded eye shape.  Also, apply the green eye shadow to the lower lid and inner/outer bottom of the corners of your eyes.  Once again leave the middle space blank.

Step 4 – Apply light golden green shimmer in the spaces on the top of eyelids and bottom of eyelids.

Step 5 – Apply the light spring green eyeshadow on the brow to blend everything out, almost light a highlight.

Step 6 – Apply the deep forest green eyeshadow in the crease to intensify the color on inner and outer corners of your eyes.  Really start to blend these colors together.  This will give you the unique rounded eye shape with highlight in the middle.

Step 7 – Fill the water line of your eye with a green eye pencil to mask the skin color.

Step 8 – Darken your eyebrows with a green/teal brow pencil.  Blend out with a brush.  If your eyebrows are too teal, you can blend in some dark green eyeshadow.

Ivy Leaves Makeup

Step 1 – Draw a vine extending from the corner of your eye with the black liquid liner.

Step 2 – Use the green face paint again.  Paint on some ivy leaves around the black vine.  (Use the picture below to draw the shape of an ivy leaf).  Apply white face paint (or glittery paint) to paint some veins on your leaves for real-looking ivy leaves.


Ivy leaves, Powdery mildew of an ivy
Ivy leaves, Powdery mildew of an ivy—Scot Nelson (










Step 3 – Take your black liquid liner and attach the leaves to your vine.  Draw some cute curly Q’s on the vine to look like it is growing.  Draw little lines out from the black vine attaching to the new leaves growing with the light green face paint and the dark green face paint.

Step 4 – Connect the vine to your eye by lining the top eyelid with black eyeliner and connecting it to the vine with a wing.  On the other eye just do a normal black eyeliner with a wing.  (You could draw a vine on both sides of your face if you wanted to.  It depends on how you fix your hair or wig).

Step 5 – Apply mascara to top and bottom eyelashes, same as always.

Step 6 – Little bit of highlighting to make Ivy more glowing on forehead, nose, cupid’s bow, and tops of cheekbones.

Step 7 – Add false eyelashes according to package directions.


Place on flaming, red wig (Julia Graf purchased hers at eBay or you could buy at a costume store) on before you place your lipstick on.


Lip Makeup

Step 1 – Line lips with a green eyeliner.  Blend it out with your pads of your fingers.

Step 2 – Take the blue and yellow pure color and blend.  Shade lips with it.

Step 3  – Take the green eyeliner pencil and outline your lips again

Step 4 – Use a bright yellow eyeshadow to add a little highlight in the middle of your lips, top and bottom lip.


Wrap your vine around your wig and secure with bobbie pins.


You could use red colors instead of green and mimic the picture of Poison Ivy below.

Either way, I’m sure you would dazzle Batman and Robin with your Poison Ivy costume…..makes a happy Halloween haunting!!!

Poison ivy costume, Poison Ivy
Poison ivy costume, Poison Ivy—seanmcgrath (
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