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Pawtastic DIY Halloween Costumes

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Costume Ideas For Your Dog

Dogs are family members too & want to be a part of the celebration….definitely would love to walk house to house.  Don’t let your pet go without a Halloween costume.  Remember bring some doggy treats for them to eat….don’t let them eat the chocolate.

Just a few simple costume ideas for your family pet & your family to enjoy.  Dogs would blend in so well on Halloween night that they would look like kids from a distance.

At first glance, trick or treaters would be rubber necking trying to figure out how 4 legs are walking under a ghost costume without falling down.

Easy Ghost Costume


  • White Sheet (size depending on your dog)
  • Black Marking Pen
  • Scissors
  • Elastic and Sewing Kit (Optional)


  1. Place the sheet over your dog’s head making sure it covers him evenly.
  1. With the pen, mark where the sheet hangs too low past your dog’s feet. You want it to hang just above his feet.
  1. Also mark where his ears, eyes, and snout are.
  1. Take the sheet off and cut the bottom so the sheet doesn’t drag, and cut holes for his ears, eyes, and snout.
  1. Optional: If the sheet doesn’t seem to stay in place on your dog, you can mark where his neck is and sew the elastic on the inside of the sheet so when you put it back on, the elastic will hold the sheet in place around his neck.

Simple Beanie Baby

Your neighbors are gonna LOL & get a kick out of this simple costume.



  • Cardboard Box
  • Red and White Paper
  • Gold Paint
  • String or Twine
  • Black Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Hole Punch


  1. Deconstruct the box so it lays flat and folded up. Cut out a heart using a folded edge so you can open up the heart. Fold the red paper in half and cut out a heart the same way. Do the same with the white paper.
  2. Also with the white paper, cut out a “t” and “y” to paste on the front of the tag.
  3. With the gold paint, paint a border around the cardboard heart on the front and back.
  4. Glue the red heart to the outside of the cardboard heart. Make sure your red heart is smaller than your cardboard heart so you can still see the gold boarder when you glue them together.
  5. Glue the white heart to the inside of the cardboard heart.
  6. Glue the “t” and “y” to the front of the tag.
  7. Optional: You can also outline the letters in gold paint.
  8. On the inside of the tag, you can make it official looking by writing “The Beanie Babies Collection” on the left and writing the name of your dog, date of birth, and a saying to go with it on the right side with a black marker.
  9. Lastly, hole punch both sides of your tag and thread the string through the holes and tie the string together to make a necklace.

All that’s left is to hang it around your dog’s neck and let the cuteness begin!

Hula Girl

Our personal favorite DIY dog costume.




  • String
  • Silk Hawaiian flowers in pink, blue, green, yellow, purple, and orange
  • Green Ribbon
  • Green Fabric (light, dark, and shimmering) or Straw
  • Scissors
  • Quilting Needle


  1. Wrap the string around your dog’s neck to measure how much you will need. You can wrap it once, twice, or however many times you want to make the flower necklace look fuller.
  2. Tie a knot at one end of the string and thread the other end through the needle.
  3. Thread the flowers onto the string alternating colors until the string is full. Tie both ends of the string together make a necklace.
  4. For the skirt: wrap the green ribbon around your dog’s hips to measure how much you will need with a little extra to be able to tie it.
  5. Cut the light, dark, and shimmering green fabric into strips that will reach from your dog’s hips to her tail. If using straw, it will already be in strips, just make sure the length is correct.
  6. Tie the ends of each strip of fabric or the ends of the straw around the ribbon that will go around your dog’s waist.
  7. Loop the flower necklace around your dog’s neck and tie the skirt around her waist.

Special Thanks To Family Pet For DIY Dog Costumes & Image Screenshots.

Sharing Is Caring!


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