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Painting Pumpkins

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Painting pumpkins, Painted Pumpkins II
Painting pumpkins, Painted Pumpkins II—edenpictures (

During the summer, we always visited my grandparents. My grandparents farmed for a family living. In other words, that’s how they fed eleven children. They grew all kinds of vegetables. My favorite was the watermelon. We would throw them down and bust them. Eat them right there.

I was always intrigued with the pumpkins. Grandpa grew more than they needed so instead of letting them rot (of course he would slop the pigs with leftovers), we kids got to play with them. We would carve a hole out of the top of the pumpkins after placing it on the newspaper. I remember sticking my hand down inside the pumpkin and what a gooey mess it was. Yuk! We threw the pumpkin guts away. It made such a mess. We attempted to carve a face on. The faces were never pretty. As kids, it was great fun to play with the pumpkins instead of throwing them away. My grandparents always raised more than they could eat. In fact, my grandpa was a peddler and traded vegetables for other necessary items such as flour, sugar, salt, and other cooking ingredients.

Painting pumpkins, Mr pumpkin


If you are growing pumpkins this summer, instead of carving the pumpkin, why not paint a picture or face on the pumpkin. It’s easy and clean. Pumpkins last longer. Also, painting pumpkins for Halloween is another way to create family memories for your children of all ages.


Painting pumpkins, Pumpkin painting



Make it a annual tradition with a family get together and paint your pumpkins for Halloween with all different colors.  Kids of all ages can enjoy, be creative, and make a mess.  Painting pumpkins is still messy…..who cares!


Watch the cute video below showing how much fun the children are having painting pumpkins.  You won’t have to throw out pumpkin seeds, but you may have to throw some clothes or diapers away.


Growing Pumpkins In the News

A great summer family tradition according to Christian Science Monitor is to grow pumpkins while planting your garden for the summer.  Your children will feel like it is less of a chore when planting pumpkin seeds.  It is a way to get them to willingly participate because your children will then know when Halloween is coming.  Also, they will get to pick the pumpkin of their choice.  Remember pumpkins make great delicious pies.

Painting pumpkins, good wishes for halloween
Painting pumpkins, good wishes for halloween—one woman’s hands (

 Happy Pumpkin Painting Haunting!

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