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Magic Halloween Wheelchair

Halloween wheelchair, Darth Vader Tie Fighter Costume, Happy Halloween Haunting

Magic Wheelchair warms my heart for every child to enjoy Halloween and dress up even if they can not walk.  Wheel-chair bound teenagers, young adults, or adults can outfit their ride for an enjoyable night of Halloween fun such as dressing up as “Dark Vader” in this picture.

Dressing up your wheels helps people to not be afraid to walk up and introduce themselves.  It opens communication for your children who so much want to participate and be a part of a celebrated annual holiday.

All over our great country, dads and moms struggle for their wheelchair-bound children to be able to enjoy Halloween.  If you Google Halloween wheelchairs, you will see all the creative, amazing costume rides.

 What is Magic Wheelchair

Magic Wheelchair is a not for profit organization created by a father and mother, Ryan and Lana Weimer, who have three children with a form of muscular dystrophy out of five.  Ryan is very talented and creative.  He decided to build wheelchair costumes for his kids.  These costumes are not just cardboard boxes.  Every Halloween his costumes got more elaborate, bigger, and the baddest.

The wheelchairs had become a labor of love for his children.  Over time, word got out about how well he outfitted the wheelchairs to look like pirate ships, dragons, elephants, and even Sir Lancelot’s horse.

The outfits have become so elaborate that now some are an investment and expensive.  It is so worth seeing your child’s face smile as he or she watches the other Halloween trick-or-treaters glee with envy for such a ride.  Watch the video below and see how happy your child could be in one of these magic Halloween wheelchairs.

 Credit: Kathy Cooper


According to posted CNN wire by WTVR news, this year 2015, Magic Wheelchair has started a kickstarter program funded by donations to help build epic costume wheelchairs for kids for Halloween.  The program funds is to raise money for materials to build five “How to Train your Dragon” wheelchair outfits. The five children selected are based on videos by the kids telling what they want to be for Halloween and why they should be selected.  The selected kids get to work with the builders for their costume in time to trick-or-treating.

Let’s Make a Happy Magical Wheelchair Haunting!!