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Mad Max Costume Stole The Show

Fantastic Mad Max Wheelchair Costume

One of the most outrageous wheelchair costumes constructed by a 20 year old University of Central Florida student, Benjamin Carpenter, was intended for a Mad Max Cosplay.

According to Benjamin…………only took a couple of weeks because we already had the mounting plate built for our full car rig, and the rolling platform we built for fun about a year ago. All we really had to do was modify the barrel and attach everything to the chair….posted by bensmends on

Benjamin presented his Mad Max ride at the Tampa Bay Comic Con (TBCC) in Florida this past August.  He plans to take it out for some Halloween events….might use it as a horror-theme prop in his family’s driveway.

Can you image walking up….thinking it’s a prop & all of a sudden it moves……….treat or treaters are gonna jump!

Kid with disability uses it to his advantage as a Mad Max cosplay.

…………. wheelchair in the photos is a Permobil C500 standing chair, which is what Carpenter uses to get around on a daily basis. Carpenter, who plays for the US National Power Wheelchair Soccer Team, has another ride, but “that one is specialized for the sport and not easily made suitable for cosplaying,” he said…..posted by Elizabeth Brentano.

Special Thanks To TheMighty For Posting & Image Screenshots.

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