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Last Minute Witch Tutu Costume

DIY Witch Tutu Costume

It’s Halloween…..your daughter decides at the last minute she wants to be a witch.  You’ve got no costume & no time to run to your local store & buy one because they are probably all sold out.

What do you do?  Gotta be quick & use something around the house.  You’re not very creative either….don’t have a lot of craft supplies or sewing materials laying around.  Gotta have a witch costume….nothing else will satisfy your child.

Your daughter’s got a black outfit………..any trash can liners? Scissors?  Maybe a black belt if you don’t have enough ribbons or string to go around your daughter’s waist.

We first thought it was a bad idea because plastic makes you sweat.  Then realized you could make one for yourself.  However, here you go……………

Be sure to go to the bottom of the page to find directions on how to make a easy, cute tulle/netting skirt in black, purple, & green.  Don’t wait to buy the materials……the netting will sell out quick!

DIY Bin Liner Witch Tutu Halloween Costume

DIY Witch Tutu Materials

  • You will need 2-3 bin liners depending on size. Maggie needed two for my 5yr old daughter. A grown up’s will need three and a very  young child will only need one!!
  • Some ribbon or string (long enough to go around the wearer’s waist + enough to tie a ribbon)
  • Scissors
  • Contrasting plastic carrier bags IF YOU WISH
  • Plain clothes – we chose black, but stripey tights or leggings and a purple top would be witch-like too (Don’t have a plain top? Turn a motif-ed one inside out!)

DIY Witch Tutu Instructions

From Bin Bag to Last Minute Halloween Costume by Maggy Woodley

  1. Unfold your black (recycled) bin liner. Don’t unravel it like you would when using it for the bin. Keep it flat. This makes it VERY convenient for cutting strips off. Cut a strip and unravel that. The image above shows our first unravelled strips and the cutting of the second one.Bin Bag Witches Tutu - a quick last minute cheap Halloween Costume

2. Once you have cut your first bin liner up (Maggie suggests doing one at a time, so you don’t cut too much), unravel them all so you have lots of loops and are ready to get tying.

3. Place one end of the loop under the ribbon.

4. Then take the other end and push it through the top.

5. Gently pull it tight but not TOO tight.

6. Take the next strip and repeat.

NOTE: The key to this craft is to NOT PULL THE LOOPS TOO TIGHT. If they are super tight, you will end up having to add more and more strips than are necessary and it will start looking a bit odd. Keep them secure, but not too tight!

This is what one bin liner filled. For a very small child or for a short tutu, you could now cut the strips in half and reuse the bottom half. Maggie decided to keep them long and measure them against her daughter later. Having said that… Maggie’s daughter LOVES it long and doesn’t want her to cut it!

DIY Halloween Costume (last minute and cheap and a great recycled project too)

7. Now time to add a recycled splash of colour. Use orange, white or green carrier bags from the supermarket. Cut circular strips as before and add those. Once knotted on (I placed one every 5-7 black strips along), you can cut open the loop at the bottom. Yes they are shorter, but they still look lovely!

How to make an easy DIY no sew tutu for Halloween - great last minute witches costume

If you don’t have time to make a paper witch hat, you a big black plastic hair bow & tie a Halloween toy in it.

Need a wand……….find a 12 inch round stick & quickly glitter it on the end or use chopsticks.  Quickly darkened your eyes with eye shadow & dark colored lipstick (black or purple).  Dress yourself in black….the both of you are ready.

Special Thanks To Maggy Woodley – Blog.PartyDelights For Costume Directions & Image Screenshots.

Tulle/Netting Witch Tutu Costume

If you have time to make this cute Witch Tutu Halloween costume with tulle/netting in black, green, & purple, click here for material & directions.

Photo Credit:  RedTeDart

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