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Kids Peter Pan Costume

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DIY Peter Pan Costume

Everybody loves Peter Pan especially little boys who want to be mischievous & never grow up!  Kids love thinking about happy things as they pretend to fly.

Let your child decide on what character they want to be for Peter Pan.  Makes it easier if they choose something that makes your kids really excited about.

If you don’t have the time to DIY Peter Pan costume, Walmart has several kid’s sizes available online now.  Also available, is Tinkerbell’s ballerina costume & ballet slippers, & Captain Hook costume.  If Walmart sells out, there are other online Halloween costume stores available.

You would have to be a seamstress or know how to sew to understand the pattern below.  If you don’t understand…no problem.  Just purchase a green top & pants…..cut sleeves & bottom of shirt leaving triangle points on edges.  Just zig-zag hem around the cut edges to keep them from coming apart.

The hat is simple.  Made out of felt with an easy pattern to cut out.

Peter Pan costume pattern

Meg used leggings with ……at least 40% stretch and the jersey only had 20%. Meg didn’t have to hem the jersey because they don’t fray.

Look at the sleeves….how they are folded.  All you have to do is cut a triangle or V-shape on the sleeves.

Peter Pan costume // Megan Nielsen Design Diary



Peter Pan costume // Megan Nielsen Design Diary

Meg used the pattern by Harmony – SewInHarmony for pattern.  Click here for how to make hat for toddlers.  If need larger, just allow an extra inch or more around the entire Peter Pan Hat pattern.

Meg added an ……extra seam allowance (the pattern includes seams) & tried it on herself as well.  Meg sewed the feather to the hat…..sewing the feather down helped me to anchor the folded up rim of the hat a little so it would keep its shape…..

Peter Pan costume // Megan Nielsen Design Diary

All you need is a brown belt (or brown scrap of jersey tied in a knot around the tummy) & a plastic sword purchased at a local retail store.  Brown boots to complete your kid’s Peter Pan costume.

Note:  Meg used Minnetonka trampers purchased a few years ago & the green jersey from Spotlight (too pricey to cut up).  Of course you can purchase felt at any fabric store or fabric department.

Peter Pan costume // Megan Nielsen Design Diary

Special Thanks To Meg – MeganNielsen For Peter Pan Costume Posting & Image Screenshots.


Enjoy The Classic Peter Pan Trailer Below


Sharing Is Caring!


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