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Jack Clown Horror

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A great way to enjoy Halloween this year is to visit a theme park.  One of the most famous and scary parks is the Universal Studios which features Halloween Horror Nights.  So what is Jack Clown Horror?  Jack is an insane circus clown who murders victims with humor.  Of course, he is a serial killer introduced during the 10th year of the event.  Popular Jack comes back from time to time to scare park thrill seekers.  Of course, he dresses in a scary clown outfit with blood-stained hands and long fingernails.

Heath Ledger in the movie, “The Dark Knight”

Remember the Joker in Batman?  In 2008, the late Heath Ledger’s performance in Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight, mesmerized audiences with his insane expert performance of the joker.  Jack’s performance is similar and your skin crawls when you hear him yelling and laughing with his broken fingernails throughout the park.  How would you like the Jack coming up behind you with his slimy, uncontrollable laughing.

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Jack the Clown

Jack the Clown cast in Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando depicts that same eerie personality as the Joker.  Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the terrifying scare tactics in the theme park.


Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando has several haunted houses, scary park zones, and shows.  At dark, the park transforms into a night of terror.  The themes could be based on the “Walking Dead”, “Alien vs. Predator”, or “Dollhouse of the Damned”.  The outdoor scary park zones may have characters from the “Chainsaw Massacre”.  You will walk right into a real horror movie show that lasts late until the evening.

If you want to be scared to death with your heart beating out of your chest.  Now is the time to book a weekend at Universal.  The VIP packages are sold out by this time.  So start early with your planning if you want to be thrilled to death.  Horror Nights begin at 6:30pm till closing times which vary.  The event starts mid-September thru November 1st.  The park does not recommend park visitors under 13 years of age for this event.  Too intense and terrifying for the younger-aged children.  The park doesn’t allow costumes or masks either.  Who could stand it, if everybody wore a mask.  My goodness…you would die from fright!!

Visit Universal Orlando, Halloween Horror Nights by clicking here.

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