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Inexpensive Allhallows Eve Luminaries

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Every Halloween I always see porches, sidewalks, and driveways decorated with beautiful, spooky luminaries and wish I had thought of that.  Why not this Allhallows Eve light your porch steps with some easy, inexpensive glowing spooky lights. If the weather does not permit, you can decorate a staircase or fireplace mantel with homemade luminaries.

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The luminaries can be made out of paper bags, glass jars, milk jugs, or carved pumpkins. You can be very creative.  If using milk jugs or glass jars, start collecting them now.

Making Luminaries Out of Empty Plastic Milk Containers

Watch the video below for a quick easy way to make shining milk jug containers.

Credit:  DIY Network

List of Materials

  • Tea lights (battery-operated)
  • Batteries for lights
  • Craft knife (tool used to cut the plastic milk container
  • Scissors
  • Paint and brushes (you could use colored markers instead)
  • Black marker for drawing
  • Clorox (Used to clean milk containers)
  • Recycled gallon milk containers (be sure to wash out with soap and water – then rinse with diluted clorox)

Step 1 – Use your black marker to draw a large, rectangle underneath the plastic milk jug handle.

Step 2 – Cut out the drawn rectangle with the craft knife.  You don’t have to be perfect and cut exactly along the drawn rectangle.  The rectangle is just for guidance.

Step 3 – Draw a spooky face or design of choice on the front of the milk jug.  (You can google for face ideas or copy the faces on the video).

Step 4 – Paint the face or you could fill in the face with a heavier, dark marker.  Let dry if using paint.  Place a drape underneath to protect you surface while painting.  Or paint the milk jugs outside.

Step 5 – You are going to cut out the opening of the container at the top (handle and all) with a zig-zag pattern.  Similar to a fire-flame.  You can use your craft knife or scissors.  Be careful not to get a plastic cut on your fingers.

Step 6 – Place your battery-operated tea lights on the bottom of the container.

Other Luminary Ideas

If you didn’t want to free hand your faces, you could use Halloween stickers.

Use painted recycled glass jars.  Draw and paint your faces on.

Orange paper bag with spooky cut-out eyes, nose and mouth.  Insert a small yellow or white paper bag inside with tea light to help face glow with color.  (Need something to weight them down like a few graveled rocks placed inside).

Use colored glow-sticks instead of tea lights.


Halloween light, Happy Halloween

Have a happy Halloween haunting!

Sharing Is Caring!