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Horror Comic Books

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Batman comic books, Batman 366
Batman comic books, Batman 366—Marxchivist (

I’ve always enjoyed reading the comics in newspapers and magazines.  Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and other comic heroes were my favorite.  Horror comic books is new to me.  I was not aware of such until I saw the news on Halloween ComicFest for October 31, 2015.

Halloween comicfest, Spidey in a box
Halloween comicfest, Spidey in a box—RyC Behind The Lens (

Now, there is some serious horror comic books such as “30 Days of Night“, “Hellblazer (Original Sin)“, “The Walking Dead“, “Errie“, and “Locke & Key“.  They are pretty chilling tales.  Not for young children…..probably would keep them up at night and afraid to look under the bed.  I know….I used to not be able to get me feet close to bed.  I would jump on the bed then quickly throw the covers over my head.

However, if you are not into dark adventures, but love the comic appeal, then you may want to collect the twenty-one comic books released for Halloween ComicFest.  It is a way for children and adults to enjoy their favorite comic book characters.


Halloween ComicFest 2015

What is ComicFest?  This is the fourth year for the event.  Diamond Comic distributors celebrates in local comic stores by participating in activities such as costume contests, free comics, and character appearances on October 31st.  Kids and adults can collect free horror comics specifically published for the fest.

Halloween comicfest, Loki Cosplay
Halloween comicfest, Loki Cosplay—RyC Behind The Lens (

Examples of the full-size, comic books for purchase are “Donald Duck’s Halloween Scream!”, “Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers #1“, “Adventures of Psycho Bonkers“, “Birth of Kitaro“, and other spooky fun stories.

Mini- comic polypack bundle selections include “Bitten Full Moon“, “Garlicks“, “Grimmiss Island“, “Skylanders Halloween“, “Spook-A-Rama“, “World Of Archie“, and “Yo-Kai Watch“.

The participating local stores will be selling Halloween ComicFest mini-comic polypacks containing 25 copies for trick-or-treaters, school events, and parties.

Beginning September 30th, you can pre-order the packs or specific comic books.  It allows kids to enjoy Halloween longer after all the candy is gone.

Film Created Into a Comic Book

Remember the movie “Creepshow” written by Stephen King?  Creepshow has become a cult, horror classic move.  The movie is about five short black-comedy stories, later were written into five comic books.  “Father’s Day“, “They’re Creeping Up on You“, “The Crate“, “Something to Tide You Over“, and “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill” are tales of horror.  They were created for young adults over 12 years of age.

Creepshow is all about a boy reading horror comic books who is punished by his father for reading them.  The character on the comic book appears to the boy and the stories begin.

If you have children over 12 years of age…….reading a comic book on Hallow’s Eve……..makes a happy Halloween haunting!!

P.S.  Young kid may want you to read to them about “Casper the Friendly Ghost“.

Special Thanks To HalloweenComicFest for Featured Image Screenshot.

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