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Haunted Queen Mary

Queen Mary ship is a hotel and haunting attraction in southern California.  If you remember history, Queen Mary launched in 1936.  She was the largest, most elegant cruise line.  Famous Hollywood celebrities, royalty, and dignitaries traveled the Atlantic during a three year period.

HM Troopship QUEEN MARY in Sydney Harbour May 1940…
HM Troopship QUEEN MARY in Sydney Harbour May 1940…—Australian National Maritime M… (

Then WWII started, the large luxurious ship was converted into a troopship named the “Grey Ghost”.  She was the fastest troopship carrying 16,000 soldiers at 30 knots.  In 1947, Queen Mary once again became a glamorous cruise ship traveling almost 2 more decades.  Her final voyage ended in Long Beach, California in 1967.

Queen Mary at Night
Queen Mary at Night—jurvetson (

Queen Mary’s Paranormal Spirits

During your hotel ship stay, a twilight tour, spirit dining, and paranormal activities are available.  According to Time magazine, Queen Mary is one of the most haunted places in America.  No wonder….can you imagine what happened to some of the passengers across the Atlantic, not to mention the soldiers who died on the ship.

The paranormal trained guides take you thru the Queen Mary on a spooky, haunted tour.  Hotspots where famous paranormal activity has occurred gives you chills as you tour on the ship walk.  Connect with the spirits in known paranormal areas.  Be sure to bring your ship’s map, because your could get easily lost.

Haunted Room B340

Look for the ghost body on the bed.  This room is the most haunted, even during the day time, you get chills thinking about what happened.  The guy’s camera stopped working after filming the video below.

Watch the video for a daylight tour of room B340.  Visitors say it is really spooky at night.

Credit: MsRandomnotes1 video

Halloween Event

NBC Southern California reports another spooky Halloween event on Queen Mary during the entire month of October this year.  A new maze called Lullaby involving the ship’s youngest soul, “Scary Mary” is a huge paranormal activity.

I so want to go thru this maze.  My husband would so love this!  He would laugh at me all the way through the maze.  I would have my eyes closed and holding onto his belt.  I wouldn’t see anything.  Sweating to death.

I remember going with a group of us girls and they put me in front to go inside the haunted house.  They were all holding onto the back of me.  We walked into walls.  Couldn’t see anything.  Screaming!  We had so much fun. We were all laughing so hard our bellies hurt afterwards.

Queen Mary makes for a Happy Halloween Haunting!!