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Halloween Haunted House

What is a haunted house?  The house is thought to have been inhabited by spirits decreased.  These spirits according to parapsychologists haunted the house due to a violent or tragic event such as suicide, murder, or accidental death.  People talked about the house having cold spots or creaking sounds mistaken as footsteps.  Some people saw objects move.  The idea of a haunted house fascinated the public and soon professional entertainment houses sprung up all over the United States.  In the U.S., there is an estimated 3,500 to 5,000 operated haunted houses.  The Christian churches developed a haunted house known as a hell house, which the public walks thru several scenes depicting the consequences of their actions such as driving drunk under the influence involving a wreck for teenagers.

The actual history of Halloween haunted houses for entertainment is not known.  Somewhere around the 1970s, haunted houses were decorated and created by a charity group such as the Louisville and Cincinnati Jaycees.  One such haunted house authenticated as haunted by the Jaycees was the Cincinnati WSAI Haunted House in 1970.  Today, The Haunted Schoolhouse in Akron, Ohio created for charity remains open to the public.  Several haunted attractions operated for profit opened the week or weekend of late September thru the first week or weekend of November.

Haunted House
Haunted House—Sean MacEntee (





Haunted houses led to the development of haunted attractions such as mansions, hayrides, theme parks, dark mazes, rides, corn mazes, midnight spook movies and others.

Haunted houses are a great way to celebrate this Halloween.  Enjoy being spooked by actors in elaborate costumes or makeup.  Visit your local hauntings or spend an entire weekend enjoying frightening sounds and special effects at one of your favorite theme parks.  Either way, it will be a Halloween to remember with your family and friends.