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Halloween Emoji DIY Costume

iPhone Emoji Keyboard enabled


Just in case you are not aware of what an emoji is….emoji’s are the ideograms or smileys pictures used in instagrams, text messages, emails, etc. They were first introduced on Apple then Android developed their own smileys. They have become quite popular on Instagrams and text messages. Instead of using LOL or OMG, you use a emoji picture. Emojis have become so popular that it is a great Halloween emoji DIY costume.

Last year emojis were a big hit.  The costumes are inexpensive and easy to make.  Everybody recognizes what character you are because you see them every day on your instagrams and text messages.  No need to explain what you are for this Halloween.


But there's one emoji close to her heart, and that emoji is the ghost one. Happy Halloween Haunting

You could go as a Cute Devil, Pumpkin, Ghost, Facebook symbols, or any Halloween emoticons.

Just as a side note, Cher loves the ghost emoji.  She uses the ghost quite a bit in her text messages.

DIY Emoji T-shirt Halloween Costume

For those of you who want to make an outfit which you can use all year long, watch the video below.  This outfit idea is for those of you who don’t want to place on a mask and buy a costume just for Halloween. The t-shirt can be worn anytime throughout the year.  It is not just for kids, but adults can make them an outfit also.  Ainura K. gives simple instructions on how to make your outfit for this Halloween.


DIY Emoji Costume List

  • Plain solid black t-shirt (or any solid color you like) and you will need some pants.  Recommend pant color match your shirt color.
  • Some printed Emoji faces  (print at home on your own printer or go to your local copier store)
  • Transfer paper (such as jolee’s easy boutique image (5 sheets) for dark fabrics- Ainura found her’s at “Michaels”)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Glue stick
  • Large old shoe box cover or piece of cardboard
  • Stick (For your mask)
  • Parchment paper

Step 1 – Print out your favorite Emoji face on a sheet of paper as large as you can print it.  After you print the picture, let it dry.  Carefully cut around the face.  (This will be your mask.)

Step 2 – Grab a large old shoe box cover or piece of cardboard (sturdy flat box material).  Place your Emoji picture flat against the surface and draw around it.  Cut out the cardboard exactly the same same as your Emoji face.

Step 3 – Use the old shoe box cover and coat one side with a glue stick.  Stick the Emoji picture on the glued side.  Smooth edges to make sure picture sticks to box cover.  Using a hot glue gun, attack the picture to stick on either the right side or left side of the picture depending on if you are right-handed or left-handed.  (see video)  Your mask is complete.

Step 4 – Go ahead and find your favorite Emoji faces and print them out.  (You could print one large picture or several)  Ainura print 12 emoji faces on transfer paper.  Follow the instructions in the transfer paper packet for your pictures.  You will have to cut each emjoi face out separately after attached to transfer paper.

Step 5 – Place your t-shirt neatly on a flat, firm surface.  Pre-iron your t-shirt to get the moisture out and remove wrinkles.

Step 6 – Peel the backing from the transfer paper with your emoji face.  Place each individual emoji face on your sheet (you can arrange them anyway you like such as rows, a circle, or sporadically).  Ainura recommends three rows to make it easier.

Step 7 – Place parchment paper over the emoji face while lying flat on the t-shirt covering as much as possible.  Glide the iron very slowly over each area of the entire transfer for around 90 to 100 seconds total.  Carefully remove parchment paper.  Repeat the same for the next part of the emoji faces.  Just for safety, keep both parchment papers on both sections while running the iron over the second section.

Step 8 –  Remove parchment paper and look at your results.

This is a great idea for kids.  Be sure to involve your child during the making of their costume (be very safe with the iron).  Get your children to select what emoji character they want to dress up for this Halloween.  Adults, you are not left out.  Your other half could go as a hashtag (#).  Lots of ideas and possibilities.

In the News – Female Emojis

Apple recently updated their emojis to include diversified females.  Apple female emoticons are still limited to brides and princesses with activities of hair cutting and dancing.