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Halloween Candy Buyback

We all love our Halloween candy. However, if you or your tiny goblins and ghosts wind up with too much Halloween candy, think about donating the candy to your participating local dentists in the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program. Now this is not bah hum bug! This program is another way to spread happy Halloween haunting joy across the world for your Military/Service members.


Halloween candy, Halloween


Go ahead and enjoy your candy until the thrill is gone. Some ghosts and goblins have as much as 10 pounds of treats even after they have gorged themselves.  Now don’t go tricking other children out of their candy….this is for giving.

The next morning after everyone has gorged out on their favorite candy, collect their unfavorite sweets/treats and take them to your dentist’s event. Think of it has cash for candy. Some dentist paid $1 per pound or gave a hygiene kit.  Who knows…your dentist might trade ya for a flashing spooky toothbrush to use till the end of the year.

Halloween Candy Buyback

How does this work?  Your local participating dentist collects the candy at a scheduled event for….coupons, cash, toothbrushes or other creative exchanges. Your dentist sends the candy to Operation Gratitude.

Operation Gratitude has helped send over a million care packages to our troops overseas.  What a nice treat for the troops to be reminded of home and Halloween.  Most important, your children have an opportunity to say thank-you to our troops.  The troops can gorge themselves in the candy or donate the candy to the less fortunate children where they are stationed.

This Halloween…think about the benefits of saving your teeth and helping our U.S. troops in the Middle East.  What a joy and privilege to honor our troops while they are away from home.  This makes for a truly, Happy Halloween Haunting.