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Graverobber Treats

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Graverobber Pudding Cups

Simple Halloween dessert fun & easy to make.

Tammy with YoYoMax12 used chocolate instant pudding mix.  If you want a richer flavor substitute with  your favorite chocolate pie filling.  Follow directions for pudding.

Candy melt molds can be purchased at your local craft stores, online, or the Wilton website.  Candy melts taste like white chocolate.  Colors used were black, white, red, & lime-green. Looks like brown candy melt for some of the headstones.

Wax paper & baggies are needed.  Wafer cookies cut with scissors to make the tombstones.  Commercial-grade black frosting already prepared in a tube where you can just put on the piping tip.  Clear plastic cups purchased as wine goblets at the Dollar store were used.  (Approx. $2.00 for 50)

Oreo cookie crumbs are used for the soil topping.  Or you can crush up your own Oreo cookies in a bag.


Watch Video For Easy Instructions

Special Thanks To Tammy At YoYoMax12 – The Diet Free Zone For Video & Image Screenshots.


Sharing Is Caring!


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