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Glowing Ghost Cupcakes

Want some cool glowing ghost cupcakes for your Halloween party or for your kids to take to school?  The cupcakes look delicious even if they are not glowing.  Even adults will love these cupcakes with the lights down low and a small black light.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make these beautiful cupcakes.  MyCupcakeAddiction gives credit to (which is no longer available), the original glowing ghost cupcake recipe.


Credit: MyCupcakeAddiction

List of Ingredients/Materials

1 box of instant chocolate cake mix (Betty Crocker Hershey’s Chocolate Cupcake Mix) – Follow directions for cupcakes

Another Cake Mix Option:  Duncan Hines Decadent Chocolate Lover’s Cupcake Devil’s Food Cake & Frosting Mix – which includes a pastry bag with chocolate frosting.  You could have a yummy double chocolate layered cupcake with the chocolate frosting in the center of the cupcake and the first layer of frosting is chocolate then add the white ghost icing on top.  Makes about 12 cupcakes.

Muffin tin 12-cup and liners for cupcakes

Small black light (Elise purchased it for $5 on Ebay.  You can find inexpensive lights at party supply or novelty stores)

Bowls, electric mixer, & spoons

Disposable piping bag with Loyal #20 piping nozzle (If you don’t have a piping nozzle – use a plastic clear bag and cut one corner of the bag for a nozzle)

Brown mini-M&Ms (you could use any color) for the eyes

Frosting Ingredients

1 cup of vegetable shortening (Crisco – she used Copha) at room temperature

1 teaspoon of clear vanilla extract (you want clear because regular extract will yellow the white frosting)

30 oz/6 cups ((Note: 30 oz = 7.5 cups (1 cup = 4 oz)) of powdered or confectioner sugar – Elise states 6 cups in the video.

5 1/2 oz or 3/4 of a cup (1 cup = 8 oz) of straight tonic water (Tonic water contains the secret ingredient (quinine) to make your cupcakes glow)

Frosting Directions

Step 1 – Place your vegetable shortening in the bowl.  If using Copha – chop it up in 4 or 5 big pieces.

Step 2 – Add your clear vanilla extract in the bowl with the shortening.  Slowly blend the shortening and extract until it’s white and fluffy, not clear in color.

Step 3 – Start mixing (slow speed) while slowing adding spoonfuls of powdered sugar alternating with tonic water.  Mixing slowly keeps your powdered sugar from spinning outside the mixing bowl.  Continue mixing until you use all the powdered sugar and tonic water.  Scraping the bowl sides to make sure all ingredients are mixed.

Step 4 – After mixing all ingredients, turn it on high speed for 5 minutes or until a frosting consistency.

Step 5 – Place some icing into the disposable piping bag, be sure to press down to the nozzle end.  Twist the bag at the top to force the icing down to the tip of the nozzle end.

Step 6 – Take your baked chocolate cupcake (after completely cooled).  Start in the center with your piping bag nozzle end and swirl around till it looks like ice cream on top of your cupcake.

Step 7 – Turn the cupcake around for the best side and place two brown mini-M&Ms for eyes.


If you have any leftover icing or M&Ms, I’m sure your family will love to lick the spoon or bowl and eat the M&Ms.

For fun, place a dollop of leftover icing on your nose and turn the black light on for a Happy Halloween Haunting!

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