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Funny Pet Costumes

Sharing Is Caring!

Pets are part of our family too!  Let’s not forget to find our pet a costume for this Halloween.  Below is a video of pets in cute, spooky costumes as you listen to “Monster Mash“, “Halloween” (Michael Myers theme), and “Ghost Town“.  I saw one Christmas costume.  Hmm?

Funny pet costumes, Three-Headed Chihuahua
Funny pet costumes, Three-Headed Chihuahua— (

As you enjoy watching our cute and sometimes funny pets, you may find an idea for your family pet member.


Partial List of Halloween Pet Costume Ideas

Funny pet costumes, Calypso Dancer Dog
Funny pet costumes, Calypso Dancer Dog— (

Ghost with a pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket

Butcher knife over the head with a pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket

Pirate with plastic sword

Witch cat

Witch dog

Dark Vader

Dark Vader and Princess Leia

Superman outfit

Chicken costume

Pink Princess Outfit

Did you see the chihuahua in the camouflage green tank outfit?  You pet might like this one because he/she doesn’t have to walk.  Could be a little warm in the sun.  Bless him/her…..

Tiger costumes.  Couldn’t tell if they could walk in them.

White lamb or unicorn outfit on a cat?  Oh wait minute…maybe a devil suit?

Loved the Batman mask on the dog!

Triple-headed dog….even his face was painted to match.

Did you see the cat on the rotunda with the shark outfit chasing the duckling?

Spider outfit.  When your pet is running….he/she really looks like a giant spider coming at ya.

Spaceman suit.  Poor dog.

Devil cat suit

Clown dog outfit

Pirate cat

Zombie or Hmm?

I think I saw Micky Mouse ears!

Bridal dress

Devil ears with bucket

Futuristic dark light outfit……Hmm

Fire truck

Scuba outfit

Squirrel outfit with hat….bet they had a hard time getting that on their squirrel.

Party cake outfit might be too heavy or difficult to balance


Buzz Lightyear

Did you see the fireman cat suit fall off the bed?  He/she didn’t really care.

Horse outfit with cowboy attached


Panda bears!

Tootsie roll on a dashund

Spider-man costume on a guinea pig

Loved the football outfit

Horse jockey rider number 5

Cat that stole Christmas (Grinch outfit?)

Pink unicorn….so sad

Blue bikini with sunglasses….bathing

Turkey outfit!  Getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Captain America



Loved the end of the video where the little girl is frightened away for a Happy Halloween Haunting!


Funny pet costumes, Halloween Chihuahua
Funny pet costumes, Halloween Chihuahua— (
Sharing Is Caring!