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Fun Zombie Paintball

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Shooting zombies with paintball is a trend spreading all across the United States.  What in the world?  Paintball shooting can be fun and adventuresome.  There are all kinds of different scenarios and scenes for paintball wars during the day and at night.  Usually there is no age limit in paintball; however, kids under 8 years of age is not recommended.  Minors need supervision by an adult.

Of course, an extreme or die-hard paintball shooter prefers the combat methods instead of fun.  Paintball safety gear and guns are required. Paintball is considered a sport where team or individual players eliminate their opponents by shooting them with paintball.   Cartoon zombie, zombie

Paintball is a non-toxic, water-soluble dye.  Wouldn’t it be fun if you didn’t have to get your clothes all messed up with paintball, but instead shoot the walking dead?  That’s what I’m talking about.

Cartoon zombie, Cover Art
Cartoon zombie, Cover Art—THX0477 (

During Halloween, shooting dead souls has become a favorite for paintball players.  Some zombie attractions provide everything you need. It’s a fun, family walking-dead shooting experience.  Not gory, gruesome deceased corpses running around unless that’s your fort-ay.

Moms and daughters, not your thing to get all dirty, then have a Halloween dress-up party with homemade goodies.  If you love shooting angry birds or playing minions on computer, I betcha you would love to shoot a live, action corpse.

Walking dead hayrides or tractor rides where several people ride on a flatbed with mounted paintball guns.  The ride runs thru a zombie apocalypse forest or woods.  Don’t forget the corn mazes.  Dead souls lurk around the corners.

Nashville Zombie Paintball

If you live in the Nashville area, a huge attraction presented by Millers Thrillers has a zombie paintball hayride.  You actually ride trailers with weapons.  Their backup is a five-ton military truck.  Millers Thrillers begins middle of September thru November 1st.  Available is a hayride and woods not too spooky for kids 5 years and older.  Even have church discounts.  Click here to find where the walking dead are hiding out.

Zombie Paintball makes for a happy Halloween haunting!

Special Thanks To Millers Thrillers For Image Screenshot.

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