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Fancy Dress Costume Warning

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Let’s keep our babies and children safe during this Halloween.  Fancy dresses such as a Cinderella or any princess outfit bought at your local retail, supermarket, or department store ranging between $8 to $30 are made mostly from synthetic material.  You may see this year, fancy dress costumes with a warning about getting near a fire.

Currently, fancy dress costumes are tested as toys instead of using the same guidelines for children’s clothing in England.      claudia winkleman at the baftas, happy halloween haunting

Claudia Winkleman is an actor/television presenter in London, England.  Most of her work is with the British Broadcasting Corporation.  Claudia and her husband, Kris Thykier, have three children.

Currently, Claudia has come out and spoken about Matilda, her 8 year old daughter, who suffered serious burns last Halloween.  Matilda was wearing a synthetic witch’s outfit with a hat, striped-tights, cape, and a long-flowing skirt.  It was upon their 3rd house trick-or-treating when the fire began.  Matilda was in a group with several kids having sweets.  Witch costume, Sessão Luísa Bruxinha

In just seconds, Claudia saw her daughter go up in flames.  Children screaming loudly.  Fortunately a dad was there and pushed her down on the floor.  Both kept patting and patting the flames to put it out.  Claudia stated it was like blowing those candles out on a birthday cake that wouldn’t blow out.  The flames on the tights kept re-igniting.

The tights melted into Matilda’s legs.  The flowing skirt caught the flames from a candle lit in a pumpkin sitting on the porch.  Claudia says she feels ridiculous about placing her daughter in a flowing skirt when there are usually candles lit all around during Halloween.

Another mother picked Matilda up and ran to Claudia’s house to wrap her legs.  Then they rushed to the hospital.and were transferred to a burn-specialist hospital.  Everybody that Claudia and Matilda came in contact with were absolutely extraordinary.

Matilda suffered third-degree burns with many abrasions.  Claudia Winkleman wishes she had dressed her daughter in a cotton outfit and herself had worn the fancy dress.

In the News – Stricter Safety Standards

According to, Claudia’s daughter’s fire incidence has brought about improving safety standards for fancy dress outfits not only for Halloween but for all occasions.  Since this occurred in England, hopefully the United States safety program will comply and make changes for our children’s fancy dress costumes sets by reclassifying them not as toys.

So are the costumes considered toys in the United States?  This is my interpretation about whether a fancy dress costume is classified as a toy……ask yourself?  Where was the outfit displayed in the store.  If the outfit is in the toy department, it is probably classified as a toy and not held up to the same fire safety standards as children’s clothing. Read the labels about how the costume is classified.  More than likely if you see the word, synthetic, it is not considered children’s clothing.

Witch costume, Hannah Halloween 2009 I

Example of a Fancy Dress Costume

If the fancy dress costumes as several layers depicted in this picture that means there are several different types of materials which makes the outfit more prone to catch on fire and burn within seconds.  So be careful around lit pumpkins, candles or fires around this year’s Halloween decorations.

Being safe with our children and babies….makes a happy Halloween haunting.

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Sharing Is Caring!