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Dorothy DIY Outfit

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Dorothy wizard of oz, Judy Garland was paid 35 a week for her role as Do…






Believe it or not, the Wizard of Oz costumes are still a favorite for adults and children. I so wanted those ruby slippers that Dorothy wore.  They shined beautifully.  Let’s not forget Toto….Dorothy’s companion pet.




Dorothy Costume from Wizard of Oz

How to dress up as Dorothy in a DIY costume?  You will need a blue and white checkered dress.  If you are not a seamstress, no worry, you can purchase a Dorothy outfit at several costume stores or retail departments.  You could wear a checkered dress with a white blouse underneath and red slippers.

Red ruby slippers are a must for your outfit.  Sometimes you can find shiny red slippers without having to make them yourself.  If you can’t find them, no worry…….buy a pair of red cloth slippers and use fabric glue with red glitter.  You have to allow plenty of time for them to dry.  You apply fabric glue to a small section at a time.  Shake the red glitter on the glue.  Apply the glitter over the entire shoe.  Now they might shed a little.

Instead of glitter, you could use red sequins purchased at a craft store on a spool.  Once again use fabric glue and decorate your shoe with sequins.  If you are good at bedazzling, bedazzle your cloth shoes with red rhinestones.

As in the picture above, you will need light blue ankle socks which match your blue dress.  If you can’t find blue shoes, white socks will work.

A real Yorkshire dog or a stuffed dog in a picket basket (or for trick-or-treating an open basket with handle) to complete your Dorothy costume for you or your child.

Let’s not forget those pigtails of Dorothy’s.  Watch below a short video demonstrating on how to create Dorothy’s braids with red ribbons (may need a rubber band to hold hair in place while braiding).  My grandmother said if your hair was a little dirty, it was easier to braid.


Credit: Cute Girls Hairstyles by Bailey

As you can see in the video, you don’t have to have the exact material as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz movie for people to recognize your costume.  Bailey used red ribbons to tie her braids as you can see in the picture above, Dorothy has her braids tied with the same material as her dress.

In the News:

According to the Weekend Journal, the Wizard of Oz characters are magical for pets and their owners.  Can you believe the book was created 115 years ago?  The pets participate in the Scaredy Cats and Dogs competition for Halloween to raise funds to help the animal rights group.

Another one of my favorite costume is the green-face, wicked witch from the west with the hideous laugh.  When I was little she gave me goose bumps!

Happy Halloween Costuming!!!

Wizard of oz costume, Wicked Witch of the West
Wizard of oz costume, Wicked Witch of the West—greyloch (
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