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DIY Ghost Decoration

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Here is a simple Halloween ghost glow balloon yard decoration. It is perfect for lighting up your front walk.  Martha Stewart demonstrated how to create the balloon and BeforeAndAfterTV added the cheesecloth for a spooky ghost.  You can hang them on your light fixture on the porch or by your sidewalk.  Front yard appeal.   This decoration you will want to do the afternoon of Halloween because the glow sticks last about 8 hours.  Watch the video below.


Credit: BeforeAndAfterTV, DIY Halloween Ghost Glow Balloons – Yard Decorations!

 List of Materials Needed

  • Cheese Cloth, Etamine, 81 cm x 150 cm  (32 inches x 59 inches)  (The Kitchen Company brand was used – any brand will do.
  • Glow-in-the-dark sticks (Dson Glo lightstick or purchase at Dollar Tree – play glow wrapped mega glow sticks, 6″)  There all all different sizes.  Green, Purple, Orange, Red, or Blue color.  You could mix the colors up.
  • Permanent jumbo black marker
  • Ball of string or twine (used for packaging)
  • A 12 pack of white balloons 12 in.  (might need a few extra in case you pop one)
  • Balloon pump if you have one, of course you can blow them up yourself (Walmart has a professional party balloon pump for around $5-$6)
  • Ghost face ideas from google or other sources (just free hand the faces in the video), or draw face below.

Scream ghost face, halloween screaming mask

Instructions for Ghosts

On the afternoon of Halloween, you can quickly prepare these ghost glow balloons.

Step 1 Select on of your 12 inch balloons and a glow stick.  Green is used for this demonstration; however, you can use any color you like.  Read the directions on your glow stick to see how long they last before you start.  Most last about 8 hours.

Step 2 – Crack or break the seal on your glow stick to activate.  (Read your instructions on your glow stick bag to get them glowing)  May need to shake.  The glow stick starts glowing.

Step 3 – Place your glow stick inside the balloon.  You may have to roll it down (Okay, I know what it looks like…moving on).

Step 4 – Blow the balloon up.  You can blow it up yourself or use a balloon pump.  Place the balloon opening right over the pump.  Start pumping it up.  Don’t pump too much.  Be sure to have a firm grip while holding the balloon.  Tie a knot after finished filling the balloon with air.

Step 5 – You can google some faces to get an idea for the drawing of the eyes or mouth on the balloon.  You are going to free hand the ghost’s face onto the balloon.  It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you recognize a face.  In this demonstration she drew the scream-type face.  Be sure to have the balloon with the tied knot is facing up before you start drawing.  Note: If you can draw the dark-black eyes of a panda bear, you can do this.)

Step 6 – Open your cheesecloth, place it center over the top of the balloon where you tied it.  Place the opening of the cheesecloth on the sides of the face.  You can stick the tied off end thru the cheesecloth.

Step 7 – Cut off the appropriate length of string, depending on where you are going to hang the ghosts.  Tie the string around the tied end of the balloon.


These Glow Ghost decorations can be used inside for a spooky Halloween party or outside as a beacon on your porch or sidewalk.  They will be the talk of the party.  Decorations are simple and inexpensive way to spook your house for Halloween.  It makes for a happy Halloween haunting.

Sharing Is Caring!