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DIY Cobalt Vibrant Girls Blue Peacock Outfit

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DIY Cobalt Vibrant Girls Blue Peacock Outfit

Every little girl wants to be a star in their outfit.  DIY Cobalt Vibrant Girls Blue Peacock Outfit is easy to make.  Doesn’t require a lot of materials.  Tulle, leotards, and tights are pretty easy to find.

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DIY Cobalt Vibrant Girls Blue Peacock Outfit

DIY Colbalt Vibrant Blue Peacock OutfitPhoto Credit: Glenn Glasser; Styling: Kristine Trevino

How To Make A Cobalt Vibrant Blue Peacock Outfit

Materials Needed:

  • Dark blue leotard, tutu, & tights
  • Light blue shoes matching headband
  • Blue tissue paper
  • Gold, turquoise, & blue cupcake liners
  • Blue straws
  • Blue headband
  • Light blue pipe cleaners
  • Blue mini pompoms










Photo Credit: Glenn Glasser; Styling: Kristine Trevino

Headband Instructions:

  1. Take light blue pipe cleaners.  Cut 2-3″ in length.  Glue to headband.  Lay flat to dry.
  2. Glue the mini pompoms to tops of each of the pipe cleaners.

Feather Instructions:

  1. Take gold & turquoise cupcake liners flatten & cut into teardrop shapes.
  2. Glue turquoise liner to center bottom of gold liner.
  3. With dark blue mini cupcake liner flatten & cut a small pie shape.  Glue it to the turquoise liner.
  4. Fringe cut the rectangle tissue.  Glue one sheet of cut tissue paper to one side of a straw.
  5. Glue the cupcake liner par to the top of the straw tissue paper.
  6. Finally, glue feathers to the tutu in a fan pattern.

Adapted from Real Simple.


You could always make a pink tulle skirt like the one below.  Make your daughter a little princess outfit with pink leotards, tutu, and tights.  Make a golden wand with a star on top for her to hold.  You could glue some sequins onto the ends of the tulle to add sparkle and glitter.

Ballerina tulle, Dancing

Photo Credit: Flickr

Special Thanks To Real Simple For Posting & Image Screenshot.

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