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Dark Shadows 2

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Who cares what the critics say about Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows This movie appeals to Johnny Depp fans not the original fans of Dark Shadows.  Johnny Depp also watched the original, Dark Shadows as a child.  One of Johnny’s dream roles was to play Barnabas Collins.  The 2012 remake, Dark Shadows is a spooky comedy.  Any time, Johnny Depp is the actor, you always expect dry, humor uniqueness.

The story begins with a 200 yr. old vampire, Barnabas, waking up in the 20th century.  Can you imagine yourself waking up several years ahead.  Forget about drinking blood!

Some characters in the original cast in the Collins mansion are portrayed.  What is unique about this film… Jonathan Frid (the original Barnabas) made his final appearance.  Other original actors appearing as party guests were Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker, and David Selby during the Collinswood manor ball.

No Regrets – Love Scene

This is great!  Love Barry White, “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything“.  Just the imagination of making love between two vampires is spooktacular!.  Even though he was the original vampire, Barnabas was handsome.  Barnabas Collins always allured to the thought of making love.  Every one’s fantasy about how love would truly be with a vampire.  You can’t miss watching the love scene below:  Not how I imagined it with Barnabas.


Credt: Benjamin Thomas Watt

Dark Shadows 2

Will there be a Dark Shadows 2?  According to AMC theatres, Tim Burton doesn’t normally direct a sequel.  Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t.  The movie was flop so to speak with low ratings.  It had a negative audience rating and performed poorly at the box office.

Remember Hocus Pocus?  Disney is bringing it back after many requests by fans to the theme park.  So if the fans demand……Dark Shadows 2 may be in the future.

This Halloween……..enjoy some spooky comedy….happy Halloween haunting!

Cartoon witch, Vintage Halloween Diecut Witch
Cartoon witch, Vintage Halloween Diecut Witch—riptheskull (
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