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Crazy MechWarrior Costume

Dad & Son MechWarrior Costume

What the heck is a MechWarrior?  MechWarrior is a video game series which has captivated millions of fans for at least 25 years.  The game has fictional players called MechWarriors in the BattleTech universe.  The online games allow you to play in a team on an enclosed battlefield.

Ryan Bowen played the video game while in high school which inspired this Halloween-winner of a Crazy MechWarrior Costume.  Once Ryan realized he was becoming a father, he immediately got to working on his costume for him & baby Geraint.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Ryan………..built a frame for the body out of PVC and wrapped a cardboard shell around it and secured it to the frame with zip ties. He then cut and sculpted the other pieces out of cardboard, with some foam board details to add a true 3D effect. The joints are all fastened with Velcro cable wraps, and the head and other pieces attach to the main body with Velcro tape. The legs are supported by a belt, which is hidden under the body. His arms slip into the gun pods and he has more Velcro straps on the inside in order to hold them. The feet just fit over his shoes by gluing toilet paper tubes on the inside to take up the extra space………….posted by PutABowOnIt

Photo Credit: Imgur

Baby Geraint & dad are enjoying this 7 foot high Halloween costume.  Looks like dad has limited vision & could get side-swiped by a another MechWarrior.  Wonder if dad used neon glow-in-the-dark spray paint……….does he have a middle cover in case Geraint doesn’t want to sit inside?

They could treat-or-trick without the headgear…still looks awesome!

Photo Credit: Imgur

Enjoy This Crazy MechWarrior Costume!

Special Thanks To Ryan Bowen For Video Posting & Image Screenshots.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Special Thanks To PutABowOnIt For Posting & Photo Screenshots.

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