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Celebrity Costume Ideas

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For those of you wanting to start early on your Halloween costume, a good way to obtain ideas about what you want to dress up as this year….is to look at what the celebrities dressed up as last year.  Below is a video from Clevver News about the different outfits that famous people wore for Halloween last year.  Watch this short clip to help you decide what Halloween creature or character you want to be.

Miriam Isa with Clevver News published this video.

Halloween Outfit Ideas

Miriam Isa presented the following costume ideas based on what celebrities dressed up as for Halloween.  No witches, no vampires….oh my!  Some of the costumes are good, some are bad, some tasteless, and some pretty darn good.  Wish I had thought of that!

Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter  – Janet and Michael Jackson

Iggy Azalea – rocked it out in a “White Chicks” character

Ariana Daybrown – beautiful white winged Angel

Kim Kardashian – dressed as a skeleton and a second costume as “Anna Wintour” (Vogue magazine influential editor-in-chief)

North West (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter)  – cute little skunk outfit

Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne – were a Halloween couple dressed up as Mario and Luigi (Luweegee) (simple idea – just need a blue jumpsuit with yellow buttons, red and green t-shirts, white gloves, red and green hats with the letters “M” and “L”) MAGNIFICO!!

Miley Cyrus – dressed as Dolly Parton

Hailee Steinfeld – a perfect Miranda Sings outfit

Justin Bieber – changed into a power ranger with his cute 4 year old brother

Celebrity halloween costume, Dog dressed like Justin Bieber
Celebrity halloween costume, Dog dressed like Justin Bieber— (


Justin Bieber Dog Outfit

Just couldn’t resist poking some fun at a Justin Bieber Halloween costume.  This dog is adorable.  What a cute couple Justin and this pet would have made.  Check out the wig!





Kaley Cuoco and Ryan (husband) – switched genders as Justin and Selena Gomez for Halloween (think about switching!)

Ed Sheeran – rocks as “Austin Powers” costume

Sarah Hyland, actress (Taylor Swift’s best friend) – red dressed “Orphan Annie” costume

Taylor Swift – a pegacorn (two fictional horse breeds – pegasus & unicorn) – you would get a lot of laughs about dressing up as two horses

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama – disguised as “Lucy and Ricky Ricardo”

J. Lo (Jennifer Lopez) – shiny red devil costume

Joe Jonas – wears a Zoolander Halloween costume

Rihanna and girlfriends – wears a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle shell

These Halloween costume ideas from celebrities should help you decide what costume to wear this year.  Don’t forget to dress up your pets also.  They would love to tag along with ya.

Sharing Is Caring!