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Carving Halloween Pumpkins

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Halloween is a great time to show off your creative talents with carving pumpkins.  Carving pumpkins is not hard at all.  People think that it is too  much trouble or takes took much time.  That’s not the case.  You can make beautiful, carved pumpkins with a sharp knife, pen, or marker.

Halloween pumpkin, Jack O\'Lanterns
Halloween pumpkin, Jack O\’Lanterns—Joe Shlabotnik (

Simple Carving Ideas for Teeth or Fangs

The video below demonstrates how easy it is to carve teeth and fangs.  You only need a knife, pen, cocktail sticks (toothpicks might work), and black acrylic paint, and something to scoop out the pumpkins guts. Plus simple pumpkin-related ideas for you to use this Halloween.  Using a hand-drill, lights, and old coat-hanger is a neat trick for a jack-o-lantern.  Orange pink-pong balls with a black or red drawn spooky face and placed on top of an LED keyring light.  Watch this short video for instructions.


Credit: DaveHax

Afraid of Carving?

Last year, Huffington Post commented on the “pumpkinstein”.  What is a “pumpkinstein”, you might ask?  It is the only pumpkin you will need.  If you are afraid of carving a pumpkin or messing it up with a sharp knife, then this might be your answer.  A California pumpkin farmer grows these organic, Frankenstein-looking, shaped pumpkins.


Halloween pumpkin, Smiley Pumpkin, carving pumpkins

Don’t Love Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a fun activity for children.  Use a simple design such as a cookie-cutter.  Draw the outline with a pencil or marker on the outside of the pumpkin.  Let your child color inside the lines with a colored-magic marker.  If your children get to play with their food, they might want to eat it.


Don’t carry your pumpkin by the stem.  Breaks easily.  Check your pumpkin for soft spots or dark bruises.  Check the bottom.  If it has a small nick then find another one.  Small cuts in the pumpkin will accelerate rotting.  You can wipe the outside of your pumpkin down with a ten percent bleach solution.  It kills organisms that cause the pumpkin to rot early.  It evaporates in a few hours.

This Halloween carve a pumpkin for a happy Halloween haunting!

Sharing Is Caring!