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Adult Horror Campout

Last year the Great Horror Campout out took place at the old Griffith Park abandoned zoo in Los Angeles, CA.   It was an overnight experience where you go on a scavenger hunt and collect scags for prizes.  There was monsters and obstacles.  It’s dark.  You are only allowed to have a flashlight.  It is so creepy and spooky.  It is awesome to have a Halloween experience in June.

You are given a scavenger map with a list of hints.  You are allowed most of the night to find the scags which might be anywhere from 12 to 20 items.  It’s like a weird creepy video game.  You get to camp out in this really frightening place.

There is a hellmaster who might change the rules during the hunt.  He may send you back to your tent.  Monsters can steal your scag while you are in your tent.  Kinda scary.  Then oh no….the monsters stole my heart, now we got to go back and find another one.

There was three levels – easy level, medium level, and the hardest.  As you progress to the next level, you might have to find a candlestick and a coin.  If you get to the next level, you might get a baby with blood thrown at ya.  So whatever clothes you wear, be prepared to get them dirty.

Not for the Unhealthy

The camp out is not for the unhealthy, young at heart, or couch potatoes.  The LA zoo is huge.  During the camp out, you have to run all over the old zoo area while trying not to get caught by a monster.  Oh my!  You can get kidnapped by a monster.  So they can grab ya and entomb you in a grave.  You will get some sleep, but the monsters of the woods are lurking about.

They do have a chicken zone which shows horror films during the night.  Also, they have arts and crafts.  Food is available.  Click here for other information about the adult horror campout.  If you can’t attend this year, make reservations now for next year.

2014 Great Horror Camp Out Review

Watch below Armen Atoyan describe his experience during the night.


Credit: Armen Atoyan: The Great Horror Camp Out Story

Reminder – this is adult horror in a dark, scary place.  Competition is involved.  It is a great way to get an early start on Halloween.

Makes a happy Halloween haunting experience!